Song of the Day #3,336: ‘And So It Goes’ – Billy Joel

Four months, six rounds, 64 contestants, and one Montauk Madness champion. He appeared in the very first matchup and he’s here at the end. Ladies and gentlemen, your winner: Mr. Billy Joel!

Joel faced off against Elvis Costello in the final round, and it was quite a battle. In fact, the outcome was decided by our closest margin yet, 51% to 49%. Just a couple of votes separated these two well-loved entertainers.

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Song of the Day #326: ‘The Downeaster ‘Alexa” – Billy Joel

stormfrontI singled out Streetlife Serenade as one of Joel’s weakest albums, but I’d have to give the dubious title of his worst record to 1989’s Storm Front. Released more than three years after The Bridge, Storm Front had none of that album’s musical or thematic complexity and, though it fared much better in the marketplace, it was a big step backward.

Opening track ‘That’s Not Her Style’ is an awkward defense of then-wife Christie Brinkley’s reputation (“The papers say… she chartered a Lear when she heard her career was in danger and gave the pilot somethin’ extra for a perfect ride… but that’s not her style”). Every time I hear it (especially in light of how things turned out for the couple) I can’t help but thinking the piano man doth protest too much.

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