Song of the Day #5,117: ‘About Damn Time’ – Lizzo

It’s been a minute since Lizzo dropped new music, and three years since her last studio album, 2019’s Cuz I Love You. But a whole new summer of Lizzo is on the horizon, with the planned release of her fourth album, Special, a week from today.

Setting the table is the rapper-singer’s fourth Top Five single, ‘About Damn Time,’ which has been burning up TikTok for awhile. This is a disco-funk banger that instantly brightens any room — in other words, a typical Lizzo song.

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Song of the Day #283: ‘Special’ – Garbage

mansonI won’t lie… today’s song is sort of a placeholder before I begin another theme week tomorrow. In my blog queue, I have a handful of songs that I’ve collected but never written about or featured. I grab them because I like them but they don’t make it onto the blog because I don’t really know what to say.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. As the old saying goes, writing about music is like dancing about architecture, so being at a loss for words over a particular song is in no way a knock on the song or the artist. On the contrary, maybe it’s the songs that you can’t explain away, the ones that appeal to you for reasons you can’t express, that really matter.

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