Song of the Day #1,319: ‘Simple Twist of Fate’ – maybesotory

“My music taste is like most people’s dads,” is how maybesotory introduces herself on her YouTube page, and that hits on the key ingredient of her immense appeal.

Tory is a porcelain-lovely English lass with bee-stung lips and a wide assortment of hairstyles (though she tends to favor the bangs she sports in this clip). Her song selections are solidly 60s: Simon & Garfunkel, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and a whole lot of Bob Dylan. As she comments on one of her clips, she feels she was born in the wrong decade.

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Song of the Day #980: ‘Simple Twist of Fate’ – Bob Dylan

I started the week with Sea Change, Beck’s haunting breakup album, and I’m ending it with the greatest breakup album of all-time.

Released in 1975, Bob Dylan’s Blood On the Tracks is the high point of an unparalleled career (one I’ve explored exhaustively over nearly a year’s worth of Bob Dylan weekends).

On tracks such as ‘Tangled Up in Blue,’ ‘You’re a Big Girl Now,’ ‘If You See Her, Say Hello’ and ‘Idiot Wind,’ Dylan explored the disintegration of his marriage through raw poetry and aching performances. Even the lighter, more romantic, songs — ‘Shelter from the Storm’ and ‘Buckets of Rain’ — are run through with sadness.

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