Song of the Day #4,671: ‘She Belongs To Me’ – Bob Dylan

The Random iTunes Fairy has pulled this “two days, same artist” routine often enough on Random Weekends that I’m tempted to suspect foul play. As much as I know about the apparent patterns that show up within random distributions, sometimes it just seems fishy.

Today’s selection is one hop in the time machine away from yesterday’s. After hearing Bob Dylan croaking through a cut from the 2009 album Together Through Life, here we find him kicking off a famous concert in 1966.

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Song of the Day #1,454: ‘She Belongs to Me’ – Bob Dylan

Best Albums of the 60s – #7
Bringing It All Back Home – Bob Dylan (1965)

I discovered Bob Dylan during my sophomore year of high school. I’d heard of him before, and was familiar with his greatest hits through my parents (when I was a kid, they’d played that album on a reel-to-reel player — the iPod of its day), but I’d never listened to any of his albums in full.

I started my collection on vinyl, buying whichever records I could find for a good price at the Tower Records in nearby Washington, D.C. And of those records, it was Bringing it all Back Home that truly opened my mind to Dylan’s genius.

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