Song of the Day #3,466: ‘The Only Way To Be’ – Save Ferris

The ska punk genre hit its peak in the mid to late 90s, a mercifully brief period that did manage to produce some quality music.

No Doubt is the best known of those bands, with Gwen Stefani remaining a household name to these days thanks to her move into dance pop and her stint on The Voice. Other bands riding the ska punk wave were Sublime, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Rancid and Reel Big Fish.

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Song of the Day #809: ‘Turn It Up’ – Save Ferris

So what ever happened to ska? Or, more appropriately, to ska punk?

Remember the late 90s, when bands such as Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Sublime and No Doubt were all the rage? That explosion seemed to fizzle out faster than most of these things. Grunge had a longer heyday. So did the boy bands. But these guys, arguably the most musically interesting of the 90s genres, were gone in a blink.

Gwen Stefani looks like a freakin’ genius for jumping off the sinking ship of No Doubt and launching a successful solo career in the dance/pop genre.

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