Song of the Day #5,167: ‘Holding On’ – Save Ferris

Often when the Random iTunes Fairy unearths a track from a decades-old album, I hit Wikipedia and discover the band responsible has released a dozen more albums in the time since.

That is not the case with today’s SOTD.

Save Ferris, a ska punk/pop band that built a decent following in the late 90s, released its sophomore album, Modified, in 1999. That’s the album featuring today’s song, and the only album of theirs I own.

I learned today that shortly after that release the band split up and has formed and reformed several times since with different configurations, playing live shows but releasing no new recorded material.

In fact, the sole Save Ferris release in the 24 years since Modified is a 2017 EP titled Checkered Past.

So here’s a case where I got off the train and it turns out the train never really left the station again.

Working at the 6 o 1
Your tryin’ to get it done
But mr. man keeps callin’
He won’t let you have no fun
Telephone keeps ringing
It’s ringing all the time and
It won’t stop until you drop
Sometimes you feel your
Losing your mind

When you feel the world is down on you
There’s only one thing that you really
Should remember to do
Keep holding on
Keep holding on yeah
Better days are coming
Just as this ones surely gone
Keep holding on
Keep holding on yeah
Things will be much better
But you gotta keep holding on

Now everyone keeps talking
Talking so much all the time
About things they don’t know
Man yeah i swear it blows my mind
How can you let an opening to
Such widely spread disease
Self-polluted executed
With no thought and
Spoken with ease

When you feel the words
Creep inside of you
Just remember they mean
Nothing and you’ll know
What to do

I know life can be hard
And some times it’ll
Bring you down
Just remember when
You feel this way
You can make it if you try and
Hold on one more day
But you got to be so strong
And you got to keep holding on

People talking never
Stopping trying to mess
With you keep holding on
Keep holding on
You don’t need to listen
Baby make your own decisions
Keep holding on yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Keep holding on
Keep holding on
A better
Keep holding on
Keep holding on yeah
We can come together if we all
Keep holding on
Keep holding on
Keep holding on
Keep holding on
Keep holding on
Oh yeah yeah yeah
Keep holding on

One thought on “Song of the Day #5,167: ‘Holding On’ – Save Ferris

  1. Dana Gallup says:

    Nice sound. I wonder if they had solo careers. Can’t imagine they could survive financially off the modest success of this 24 year old album.

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