Song of the Day #1,459: ‘Elanor Rigby’ – The Beatles

Best Albums of the 60s – #4
Revolver – The Beatles (1966)

Revolver feels like the album where The Beatles really became The Beatles, which is odd because it was their seventh record and they released only four proper studio albums after this one.

But this album saw the band pivot from a pop band to psychedelic pioneers — tour guides on a head trip that would last for a decade.

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Song of the Day #444: ‘For No One’ – The Beatles

beatlesd‘Here, There and Everywhere’ is probably my favorite track on Revolver, but giving it a run for its money is another Paul McCartney tune, ‘For No One.’ This song is the flip side of ‘Here, There and Everywhere,’ as sad and resigned as that song is buoyant. It’s a song about the pain that lingers long after a breakup… the little ache that sneaks up on you unexpectedly. As Paul puts it, “There will be times when all the things she said will fill your head. You won’t forget her.”

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Song of the Day #443: ‘Here, There and Everywhere’ – The Beatles

paulmccaI find that most Beatles albums favor either Lennon or McCartney. Although they share songwriting credit on all their songs the true author of each is well-known, and whether by design or accident their best work seemed to come in clumps.

Of course I’m talking about matters of degree here, as both John and Paul had classic songs on every Beatles album. Also, my favorites might not be everybody’s favorites and some people no doubt think of my “Paul” albums as “John” albums and vice versa. So sound off in the comments if you think I’m nuts.

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Song of the Day #131: ‘She Said She Said’ – The Beatles

revolverFollowing the remarkable artistic success of Rubber Soul, The Beatles put the pedal to the metal and delivered what many consider their finest album, Revolver. This album was voted the best album of all time in a recent VH-1 survey of hundreds of critics and musicians, and it’s easy to see why. Revolver is a perfect blend of the pop-rock mastery of the band’s early work and the studio trickery they would indulge in more on future albums.

It also contains such classic tunes as ‘Here, There and Everywhere,’ ‘Eleanor Rigby,’ ‘Good Day Sunshine’ and ‘Got to Get You Into My Life,’ not to mention a host of lesser-known gems.

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