Song of the Day #3,901: ‘Phoenix’ – Aimee Mann

In one of those moments of sublime serendipity, the Random iTunes Fairy has offered up an Aimee Mann track exactly one week after the last random Aimee Mann track. You won’t hear me complaining.

In fact, back before Random Weekends, when I dedicated weekend posts to specific artists (The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello, among others), Aimee Mann was one of the artists I considered. At the time I was looking for artists with voluminous discographies and hers was a little on the lean side, but she easily could have carried several months’ worth of posts.

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Song of the Day #529: ‘1901’ – Phoenix

Best Songs of 2009 – #10

Over the next two weeks I’ll count down the ten 2009 songs I liked best. My ground rules are that I’ll feature only one song per album — no point in listing ten songs spread between two artists — and the albums had to be released this year. I did discover some older music this year, but those songs don’t make the cut.

This year has been rather lackluster for new music, despite some strong albums at the top of my list. The albums I expected to buy mostly lived up to my expectations but what the year lacked was a group of new releases discovered through year-end best-of lists, something I’ve counted on over the past few years.

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