Song of the Day #4,461: ‘Thank You Girl’ – The Beatles

‘Thank You Girl’ was released as the B-side to The Beatles’ ‘From Me To You’ in the United Kingdom and ‘Do You Want To Know a Secret’ in the United States. Originally intended as a single but later relegated to also-ran status, it’s a great example of the band’s earliest pop phase.

I’m always amazed that within four years of lightweight fare like this, the band had released Rubber Soul, Revolver, and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, three albums that changed the face of popular music forever.

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Song of the Day #3,725: ‘I’ll Get You’ – The Beatles

‘I’ll Get You’ is an early Beatles track released in 1963 as the B-side of ‘She Loves You’ but not appearing on any of their official album releases.

Listening to the opening lines of this simple pop track (“Imagine I’m in love with you”), it’s hard to believe John Lennon would be singing “Imagine there’s no heaven” just eight years later. These guys lived a lifetime in less than a decade.

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Song of the Day #514: ‘Day Tripper’ – The Beatles

Here’s the flip side of that double-A single I mentioned yesterday, and while ‘Day Tripper’ wasn’t as big a hit as ‘We Can Work It Out’ (and isn’t as good a song) it’s still an excellent tune.

John was the principal author of ‘Day Tripper,’ though there are conflicting accounts about how much of a role Paul played. It’s funny how the two men are in agreement about the authorship of so many of their songs but once in awhile you come upon one that they can’t seem to agree on. Just a case of fuzzy memories, I suppose, because it’s not like either man needed a bigger piece of ‘Day Tripper’ to solidify his songwriting bona fides.

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Song of the Day #513: ‘We Can Work It Out’ – The Beatles

This weekend I’ll highlight two more of The Beatles’ non-album tracks, starting with the more popular song on their 1965 double-A side release of ‘We Can Work It Out’ and ‘Day Tripper.’

Though Lennon and McCartney shared songwriting credit on every one of their songs, it was very rare that they actually collaborated. ‘We Can Work It Out’ was one of those infrequent collaborations — Paul wrote the verses and chorus while John contributed the bridge (“Life is very hard and there’s no time…”). For that reason, and because it’s so damn good, this is generally considered one of the band’s best songs.

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