Song of the Day #3,379: ‘One Too Many Mornings’ – Johnny Cash & Bob Dylan

Day 17 of the 30 Day Music Challenge calls for a rather strange offering: ‘A Song That Features Your Favorite Artist.’

First of all, this requires me to have a favorite artist, which I think is an impossibility. My favorite artist at any given moment depends on what I’m listening to, my mood and a dozen other factors. Second, what exactly does “features” mean in this context? Is it the same as ‘A Song By Your Favorite Artist,’ in which case why not just say that? Or does my favorite artist have to be featured on somebody else’s track (in the now ubiquitous “feat.” sense)?

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Song of the Day #1,536: ‘One Too Many Mornings’ – Bob Dylan

Arriving at an artist like Bob Dylan during this musical genome project, I find the script has flipped.

It suddenly doesn’t make much sense to talk about my appreciation for Dylan’s music in terms of how he fits into my five categories. Rather, it becomes pretty clear that Bob Dylan’s music is likely the reason I’m drawn to those categories in the first place.

Bob Dylan is without question the most important musical influence of my life. I discovered him in my mid-teens, when the reptilian centers of my brain were still evolving, when I was quickly becoming the person I would forever be.

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