Song of the Day #3,452: ‘Big River’ – Johnny Cash

I often stumble across the website when doing research for the blog. If you have the right song, you’ll find a treasure trove of illuminating information.

Today’s Random Song of the Day, ‘Big River’ by Johnny Cash, features a few such nuggets, including the following quotes about the track by Bob Dylan and Tom Petty.

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Song of the Day #3,417: ‘The Wanderer’ – U2 feat. Johnny Cash

Today’s Random Weekend selection had twice the chance of showing up because I have it on two different albums. Originally released as the final track of U2’s 1993 album Zooropa, it was later selected for Johnny Cash’s compilation album The Legend of Johnny Cash.

It’s the Cash album version that popped up when I spun the old iTunes wheel, but the two are identical (save for a minute of silence tacked on to the end of the U2 track).

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Song of the Day #3,379: ‘One Too Many Mornings’ – Johnny Cash & Bob Dylan

Day 17 of the 30 Day Music Challenge calls for a rather strange offering: ‘A Song That Features Your Favorite Artist.’

First of all, this requires me to have a favorite artist, which I think is an impossibility. My favorite artist at any given moment depends on what I’m listening to, my mood and a dozen other factors. Second, what exactly does “features” mean in this context? Is it the same as ‘A Song By Your Favorite Artist,’ in which case why not just say that? Or does my favorite artist have to be featured on somebody else’s track (in the now ubiquitous “feat.” sense)?

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Song of the Day #2,258: ‘Jackson’ – Johnny Cash & June Carter

johnny_cash_jacksonJohnny Cash are certainly the most famous husband and wife singing duo in history. Their story is so beloved it was made into an Oscar winning film.

Second place would probably go to another couple whose story was made into a very different sort of film. That would be Ike and Tina Turner, whose abusive relationship was captured in What’s Love Got to Do With It.

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Song of the Day #1,617: ‘Hurt’ – Johnny Cash

40thToday is my 40th birthday. It happens to fall on one of my Random Weekends, so I’m spared the pressure of having to select a song appropriate to the occasion.

On car trips with my family, I will often say something like “the next song that comes on the radio will describe the rest of our lives” or “the next song that plays sums up my relationship with your mother.” The many times the resulting song makes no sense whatsoever are completely erased by the few times it’s hilariously perfect or perfectly hilarious.

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Song of the Day #266: ‘Sunday Morning Coming Down’ – Johnny Cash

cashkrisI recently read a fascinating profile of Kris Kristofferson (by Ethan Hawke, of all people) in Rolling Stone magazine. Hawke painted Kristofferson as a modern-day renaissance man and an unabashed sentimentalist and political liberal who is nonetheless about as “manly” a man as can be.

In the opening of the article, Hawke relays a story of the backstage scene of a tribute concert, where Toby Keith allegedly walked up to Kristofferson and said “None of that lefty shit tonight, Kris.” Kristofferson exploded, shouting “You ever worn your country’s uniform? … Have you ever killed another man and then cashed the check your country gave you for doing it? No, you have not. So shut the fuck up!”

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