Song of the Day #4,577: ‘After All (Live)’ – Dar Williams

Continuing the chronological presentation of my 25 favorite songs…

After All‘ – Dar Williams (2000)

Eleven years ago, when I first wrote about this song on the blog, I couldn’t find it on YouTube so I had to upload my own version. That clip has received more than 125k views since. Not exactly ‘Gangnam Style,’ but pretty impressive for a rather obscure artist like Dar Williams.

On that clip, and on the other videos that eventually made it to YouTube, you’ll find many comments by listeners that this song quite literally saved their lives. I can only imagine how heartening that must be for Williams.

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Song of the Day #1,538: ‘My Love Has Gone’ – Josh Rouse

Josh Rouse is a great example of a genome artist. He didn’t open my eyes to something new or expand my musical horizons. He just landed right in the sweet spot of my established preferences.

He’s a little bit ‘Pure Pop,’ a little bit ‘Folk Rock Derivative,’ with a dash of ‘Melancholy’ for flavor. He’s Paul Simon (both pre- and post-Graceland) crossed with a more upbeat Elliott Smith and a less glam The Smiths.

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Chinese come through with Josh Rouse song

tudou_logoSo I tracked down an online version of Josh Rouse’s ‘My Love Has Gone,’ which I mentioned the other day in my tirade about YouTube’s copyright Nazis.

I found it on, China’s version of YouTube, which apparently serves up five times the volume of video every day than YouTube. Gotta love the Chinese.

Josh Rouse – ‘My Love Has Gone’ from Nashville