Song of the Day #193: ‘Quiet Town’ – Josh Rouse

rouse2I’m using this space today for a rant.

I had written a nice long post on a Josh Rouse song called ‘My Love Has Gone,’ which appears on his outstanding Nashville album. It’s one of my very favorite songs by anybody, and I gave it the royal treatment. But when I previewed the post I saw that the YouTube video was no longer valid due to a copyright infringement.

The same thing happened yesterday with my David Byrne post, forcing me to feature a video of him in a skirt — nobody needs that!

After ‘My Love Has Gone’ was off the table, I shifted to ‘Sad Eyes,’ another excellent Rouse song from the same album. But the video I located for that one had been rendered silent by The Man… the images remained but the audio was muted.

So what the hell is up? Why is it that some artists, or their labels, have such a problem with fans sharing their music on YouTube? Does anybody really think people will hold off on buying an album because they’re able to listen to the songs one at a time on grainy Flash files? Give me a break!

Blogs like this one, even with its meager readership, are the perfect vehicle to promote an artist’s music, not steal it. Every person (with taste) who hears ‘My Love Has Gone’ is going to consider buying a shiny new Josh Rouse album, and somehow that’s a bad thing?!

I have discovered a plethora of live versions to choose from… I suppose copyright laws don’t apply unless you’re using the original recorded material. But the quality is usually crappy and as a rule I like to focus on the recorded versions of these songs. I’ve discovered exactly how much a fan of song production I am through this exercise.

So anyway, today’s song is the only album version of a Josh Rouse song I could find on YouTube. It happens to be a very nice song, and I guess they left it up because it’s part of some promotional deal to sell ring tones and whatnot. It was written after Rouse spent a year in a small Spanish town.

Enjoy… before Big Brother shuts the whole thing down!

I know somewhere
There is a party going down
Interesting people
Conversation to be found
I’ve lived in cities
Where there is no solitude
I’ve made some friends there
That I hope I never lose
But, for now
I want to stay in this quiet town

The neighbors on my block
They’ve got stories to tell
This is the grocery
But, once was a hotel
And Mr. Driskle he just stands there
With his smile
Inviting everyone he sees
To come inside
This is the life
I want to live in a quiet town

Sometimes I miss the show
I learned a long time ago

Sometimes I miss the show
I learned a long time ago

Come Sunday morning
There’s a market on the square
Children are playing
Bells are ringing in the air
Old men are drinking
It’s a lazy afternoon
Content with thinking
That there is nothing to do
But, for now
I’m going to stay in this quiet town
In this quiet town
In this quiet town

6 thoughts on “Song of the Day #193: ‘Quiet Town’ – Josh Rouse

  1. Amy says:

    He looks like a young Sam Shepard. Just noticed, so I figured I’d point it out.

    This video in no way blatantly promotes ring tones or any such thing, so why should it be exempt from the blatant censorship the studio is doing to all his other numbers? Oh well 😦

    Perhaps you can post a week’s worth of commentary without the song featured. It’s not as though an album reviewer gives the reader snippets of the album as it’s being reviewed. It’s certainly a welcome feature, but I hate to see your “royal treatment” of “My Love has Gone” sit unread.

    This is a perfectly lovely song, in the meantime.

  2. Clay says:

    The clip on YouTube has pop-up and display ads for ringtones, but I guess they don’t carry over to the embeddable version. Interesting.

    I’ve considered writing about songs without including them (in fact, I initially thought I’d do that every day). But I think the overwhelming response would be, “OK fine, so what does it sound like?!” I know that’s what I’d think.

    I’ll work with what I have until they crack down further.

  3. Dana says:

    Weren’t you uploading your own tunes on to Youtube for awhile? Does Big Brother catch those also?

    I really like Rouse’s sound. Lovely song. Only wish I could have heard the one you wanted to feature.

    And I agree, that I really like hearing the song while reading your commentary.

  4. Clay says:

    YouTube scans the audio of new videos and refuses them if it matches something on their hit list. I’ve had a couple shot down already.

  5. Kerrie says:

    What a nice song! He has a great sound – somehow familiar but I can’t put my finger on it. Anyway, after hearing this song that you had to settle for, I’m going directly to iTunes to see if I can hear a snippet of “My Love Has Gone.” 🙂

  6. pegclifton says:

    It’s a lovely song, my he has such blue eyes!

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