‘Put the chicken fingers down!’

bruceI’ve always heard what an amazing live performer Bruce Springsteen is (particularly when backed by the E-Street Band) but last night’s Super Bowl halftime show was the first time I got to experience it… televised, at least. And the rumors of his greatness were not exaggerated.

Alex, never a huge fan of The Boss, turned to me after the show and said “We have to see Bruce Springsteen live the next time he comes down here” and I was right with her.

He tore through four songs in 12 minutes (going a little long by design and getting flagged by a ref for delay of game), including new single ‘Working on a Dream’ and the classics ‘Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out,’ ‘Born to Run’ and ‘Glory Days.’ ‘Born to Run’ was a particular stand-out… that’s one of the greatest, most anthemic songs in rock-n-roll history and it’s even more powerful on the stage.

This was easily the best halftime show I’ve seen since U2’s memorable performance during the first post-9/11 Super Bowl. They projected the names of the victims on shimmering sheets that stretched to the ceiling of the stadium while delivering a rousing rendition of ‘Where the Streets Have No Name,’ culminating with Bono’s reveal of the American flag lining of his jacket.

That was powerful stuff, but of course they had the emotion of the recent tragedy contributing to the effect. Bruce and the E-Street gang had only themselves (and maybe a little leftover goodwill from Barack Obama’s election).

Here are clips of Bruce’s show as well as the U2 performance:

Bruce Springsteen Part One:

Bruce Springsteen Part One:

U2 Halftime Performance:

3 thoughts on “‘Put the chicken fingers down!’

  1. Dana says:

    I agree that this was a great halftime show and you absolutely owe it to yourselves to see the Boss in concert. I had the pleasure of seeing him during the Born in the USA tour and he was incredible. From what I can see, unlike other artists like Elton John and BIlly Joel, the Boss maintains the same frenetic energy in concert he had at 35. What really used to make his concerts truly special, however, were the stories he would tell between songs and the extended versions of songs–which were not just jams like most bands do, but often included additional verses, medleys, variations, etc.

    The set running long at the halftime show was, of course, a great wink at the general length of a Springsteen show, which used to top 3 hours. I’m not sure if he is still going for that long nowadays and if he is still telling great stories, but I’m sure the concerts remain wonderful. In fact, on his last tour where he played multiple nights in the New York area, I heard that the playlist changed fairly dramatically each night.

    So, let’s hope he comes our way–I’ll be happy to go see the Boss again. He is truly one of the greats–and one of the greats in concert!

  2. erin says:

    It was a good show, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying it was right up with U2’s performance some years back. I thought it was entertaining, but he just seemed out of breath and trying too hard. What was with the crotch-first shot into the cameraman?! I really don’t think that will boost his ratings anymore!

  3. pegclifton says:

    Dad and I saw him live in Cleveland and I clapped so hard I lost a bracelet. It was a great night, and I loved his halftime show!

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