New trailers

First, a new one from Nancy Meyers called It’s Complicated. I love the cast (Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin plus John Krasinski running around in the background) but I’m a little wary of Meyers, who hasn’t made a film I’ve liked since 1998’s The Parent Trap.

And here’s Zombieland, a comic horror film directed by newcomer Ruben Fleischer. Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg look like a great team in this one. [Warning: This is the ‘red band’ trailer and it’s a bit graphic in parts]

New Bob Dylan video ignites controversy

dylanvidIFC recently aired a short film set to the song ‘Beyond Here Lies Nothing’ from Bob Dylan’s latest album Together Through Life and it’s caused quite a stir.

The song — the album’s first single — already has an official video consisting of black and white stills of young people in the 50s. This new clip is something else altogether.

Directed by Australian Nash Edgerton, the video is a real-time Tarantino-esque showdown between a man and the woman he is apparently keeping hostage in his apartment. Go ahead and watch it after the jump before I continue.

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