Song of the Day #1,321: ‘Make You Feel My Love’ – Beyond1Music

I’ve come across several dozen covers of ‘Make You Feel My Love’ from Bob Dylan’s 1997 album Time Out of Mind, but just about every one of them is described as an Adele cover.

No doubt many, if not most, of those singers believe Adele wrote the song. It’s not as if her version is different from Dylan’s (apart from the vocals, of course) so that covering Adele’s version is somehow different from covering Dylan’s. She was faithful to the original.

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Song of the Day #159: ‘Make You Feel My Love’ – Adele

adeleTo really showcase how much Alex means to me, today I am highlighting a Bob Dylan song that is not sung by Bob Dylan. As a die-hard Dylan fan, that’s a difficult thing for me to do. But nobody said love is easy.

This song has actually been covered by a laundry list of performers… everybody from Kelly Clarkson to Neil Diamond, Bryan Ferry to Joan Osborne. The best-known versions belong to Billy Joel and Garth Brooks, both of whom landed on the singles chart with the song.

My choice, Adele, has also had success with the track overseas and is releasing it in the U.S. as the next single from her well-received album 19.

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