Song of the Day #4,901: ‘Do You Sleep?’ – Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories

The Random iTunes Fairy has an ear for the hits. Today’s track is the second random selection from Lisa Loeb’s 1995 album Tails, and both tracks were among the album’s three singles.

First up was ‘Taffy,’ the album’s second single, and now we have ‘Do You Sleep?,’ the first single and a Billboard Top 20 hit.

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Song of the Day #3,585: ‘Taffy’ – Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories

When today’s Random Weekend song popped up on iTunes, my first thought was that I would at long last get to hear something other than ‘Stay (I Missed You)’ from Lisa Loeb’s 1995 album Tails.

But a few bars into ‘Taffy’ I realized that I know this song pretty well. And a quick sample of some other Tails tracks revealed the same. So I guess I gave this album enough of a listen back in the day to stick deep in my subconscious 23 years later.

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Song of the Day #125: ‘Stay’ – Lisa Loeb

loeb“Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses.” So said Dorothy Parker, who clearly didn’t anticipate Tina Fey or today’s artist, Lisa Loeb.

Loeb has had a very limited amount of success but I’d guess what little she’s had can be largely attributed to her eye wear. Not to diminish her talents as a singer and songwriter, but it’s hard to deny the power of image in popular music. It’s kind of like Rhianna’s haircut, which seemed to get more press than her songs.

Aside from her glasses, Loeb is known for one thing, and that’s this song… ‘Stay.’

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