Song of the Day #4,882: ‘Stay’ – The Kid LAROI feat. Justin Bieber

For the next two weeks, I’m taking my first look in six months at “What the Kids are Listening To,” a snapshot of the top songs on Billboard’s Hot 100 (as of November 10).

Sitting at the #1 spot is Adele’s ‘Easy On Me,’ which has occupied that perch since its debut a month ago.

At #2 is ‘Stay’ by Australian rapper Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber. The pair previously collaborated on a track for Bieber’s album Justice, released earlier this year.

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Song of the Day #1,687: ‘Stay’ – Rihanna

rihanna_stayFour years ago Rihanna missed the Grammys ceremony because she had been brutally assaulted by then-boyfriend Chris Brown just hours before it started. This year she was seated next to him, cuddling like newlyweds.

That’s likely the image of Rihanna that will stay with people following this year’s show — the mixture of anger, pity and disgust it evokes is just too powerful to overcome.

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Song of the Day #125: ‘Stay’ – Lisa Loeb

loeb“Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses.” So said Dorothy Parker, who clearly didn’t anticipate Tina Fey or today’s artist, Lisa Loeb.

Loeb has had a very limited amount of success but I’d guess what little she’s had can be largely attributed to her eye wear. Not to diminish her talents as a singer and songwriter, but it’s hard to deny the power of image in popular music. It’s kind of like Rhianna’s haircut, which seemed to get more press than her songs.

Aside from her glasses, Loeb is known for one thing, and that’s this song… ‘Stay.’

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