Song of the Day #2,842: ‘Mandinka (Live)’ – Sinead O’Connor

sinead_mandinkaAs promised a week ago, I’m dedicating this week to the unique and extraordinary talent of Sinead O’Connor, specifically through her live performances.

Today’s clip is from O’Connor’s network television debut, on Late Night with David Letterman. Letterman had so many wonderful musical guests on his show in those early days, and right through the Late Show years.

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Song of the Day #431: ‘This Tornado Loves You (Live on Letterman)’ – Neko Case

nekocaseIn recent posts about Shakira and Christina Aguilera I decried the use of overt sexuality to sell the music of women whose talent stretches far beyond their looks.

I stand by those sentiments but I don’t want to give the impression that I’m generally prudish when it comes to things like this. I believe sexuality plays a big role in entertainment and particularly in music. The reason rock-and-roll was considered dangerous by older generations all those decades ago is because that music was about sex, maybe more than it was about anything else.

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