Song of the Day #2,633: ‘Constant Craving’ – k.d. lang

kd_lang_ingenueThis 2-week dive into the albums ranked highest by critics in 1992 has been a bit discouraging. I’ve discovered a whole lot of murky and loud alternative rock that, for my money, is best left in the dustbins of history. Also a couple of rap albums and an extended disc of ambient noise.

So I’m happy to finish the span with a refreshingly melodic and resonant cut from k.d. lang. Lang followed her country crossover masterpiece Absolute Torch and Twang with 1992’s Ingenue, a full-on dive into adult contemporary territory.

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Song of the Day #2,107: ‘Sugar Moon’ – k.d. lang

kd_lang_shadowlandk.d. lang is one of those performers who elevates any material she works on. Her voice is reason enough to listen, no matter the song.

My favorite album of hers remains Absolute Torch and Twang, lang’s wonderfully titled 1989 release. As the title suggests, that record is a perfect blend of her country and crooner sides.

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Song of the Day #1,906: ‘Black Coffee’ – k.d. lang

kd_lang_shadowlandFor some artists, I own everything they’ve ever released. If a new album comes out, I’m going to buy it, no matter what. With others, it’s more sporadic — I’ll own the “important” ones, the most beloved or critically acclaimed.

Then there are the one- or two-album wonders, performers who have extensive, well-respected catalogs but who for some reason never captured my attention enough to take hold. Jackson Browne and Tracy Chapman are great examples who leap to mind.

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YouTube catch-up

youtubebuttIf you haven’t paid attention to the comments in the past week or so, you’ve probably missed out on some really nice music clips.

Below is a sampling of everything from Jason Castro covering Leonard Cohen to Jason Mraz covering Kermit the Frog, with a little Alison Krauss, Neko Case and The Matrix thrown in for good measure.


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