Song of the Day #1,906: ‘Black Coffee’ – k.d. lang

kd_lang_shadowlandFor some artists, I own everything they’ve ever released. If a new album comes out, I’m going to buy it, no matter what. With others, it’s more sporadic — I’ll own the “important” ones, the most beloved or critically acclaimed.

Then there are the one- or two-album wonders, performers who have extensive, well-respected catalogs but who for some reason never captured my attention enough to take hold. Jackson Browne and Tracy Chapman are great examples who leap to mind.

k.d. lang is another. Her fourth album, Absolute Torch and Twang, is a masterpiece, and one of the only country albums I ever loved back when I hated country music. I adore that album, yet for some reason I don’t feel the need to own anything else by lang.

Which is why I was surprised to learn that I do own another of lang’s acclaimed releases, Shadowland, a collection of traditional country ballads. I probably came across it in a bargain bin one day and never played it once.

Lang’s voice is gorgeous as ever on today’s SOTD, and I’ll bet the rest of the album is on par with this bluesy beauty. But I doubt I’ll be dusting it off and playing it any time soon. I just don’t think of her that way.

I’m feelin’ mighty lonesome
Haven’t slept a wink
I walk the floor from nine to four
In between I drink
Black coffee
Love’s a hand-me-down brew
I’ll never know a Sunday
In this weekday room

I’m talkin to the shadow
One o’clock till four
And Lord, how slow the moments go
And all I do is pour
Black coffee
Since the blues caught my eye
I’m hangin’ out on Monday
My Sunday dreams to dry

Now man was born to go a lovin’
But was a woman born to weep and fret
And stay at home and tend her oven
And drown her past regrets
In coffee and cigarettes

I’m moonin’ all the mornin’
Moanin’ all the night
And in between it’s nicotine
And not much heart to fight
Black coffee
Feelin’ low as the ground
It’s drivin’ me crazy
This thinkin’ ’bout my baby
Might maybe come around
Come around

One thought on “Song of the Day #1,906: ‘Black Coffee’ – k.d. lang

  1. Dana says:

    For me, in order for an artist to command heavy rotation in my collection beyond just a few songs or perhaps an album, the music needs to be diverse and with a bit more of an edge than you find with K.d. Lang and the other artists you mentioned.

    Today’s song is lovely, but I don’t see myself ever wanting to sit through a whole album like this unless it were background music.

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