Song of the Day #3,791: ‘Who’s Crying Now’ – Journey

Before I begin, Happy 18th Birthday to my nephew Daniel! If you haven’t had a chance to listen to his recent EP, Daniel Gallup, you can do so through my blog right here.

My #4 album of 1981 is the only one on this list that I actually listened to in 1981. In fact, I’m pretty sure Journey’s Escape was the first album I ever owned. It was also the first (and last) album I ever experienced in the form of an arcade game.

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Song of the Day #3,496: ‘Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)’ – Journey

[Note: This week I’m turning the blog over to my niece, Madison, for a continued look back at 2017]

Hi everyone! Millenial in the house! My uncle trusted me, his television obsessed niece, to guest blog for the week in order to feature five of the best musical moments on the small screen in 2017. Get psyched, people. I’ve made these selections with much careful thought and debate. Every show I’ve chosen frequently and meaningfully uses music. The songs featured add layers to each scene and some weave into the fabric of their show’s narrative in such a way that it becomes difficult to hear the song without picturing the characters and imagery alongside it (and vice-versa).

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Song of the Day #406: ‘Don’t Stop Believin” – Journey

journey-escape20 Best Songs of the 80s – #2

You didn’t think I’d make it through this whole list without a Journey song, did you?

This spot could have been filled with any number of songs by Steve Perry and the boys — ‘Who’s Crying Now,’ ‘Stone in Love,’ ‘Open Arms,’ ‘Separate Ways,’ ‘Send Her My Love,’ just pick one. I’m going with ‘Don’t Stop Believin” because it’s the iconic Journey song, and also because its brand of muscular rock optimism really encapsulates the music of the 80s.

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Song of the Day #252: ‘Faithfully’ – Journey

journeyI mentioned to Alex recently that Journey seems to pop up on the XM dial quite a bit, and every time they do we listen to the whole song. Now, of course we’re talking about maybe seven or eight songs, total, but there is definitely a quality to Journey’s best stuff that reels you in.

‘Open Arms,’ ‘Don’t Stop Believing,’ ‘Who’s Crying Now,’ ‘Any Way You Want It,’ ‘Stone in Love,’ ‘Separate Ways’… these are all really great songs. And yet it seems Journey is often dismissed as an 80s joke. Or maybe that’s just a false impression I have for some reason. What do you think? Does this band get enough credit?

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