Song of the Day #4,275: ‘Send Her My Love’ – Journey

Journey’s Frontiers claims the 13th spot on my list of 1983 albums. Like all of the albums toward the bottom of this list, Frontiers earns its spot on the strength of a few songs.

In this case, those songs are ‘Separate Ways (Worlds Apart),’ ‘Send Her My Love’ and especially the lovely road song ‘Faithfully.’ Solid tracks such as ‘Chain Reaction’ and ‘After the Fall’ flesh out the album nicely. Power ballads performed in Steve Perry’s terrific voice — that’s always a winning formula.

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Song of the Day #252: ‘Faithfully’ – Journey

journeyI mentioned to Alex recently that Journey seems to pop up on the XM dial quite a bit, and every time they do we listen to the whole song. Now, of course we’re talking about maybe seven or eight songs, total, but there is definitely a quality to Journey’s best stuff that reels you in.

‘Open Arms,’ ‘Don’t Stop Believing,’ ‘Who’s Crying Now,’ ‘Any Way You Want It,’ ‘Stone in Love,’ ‘Separate Ways’… these are all really great songs. And yet it seems Journey is often dismissed as an 80s joke. Or maybe that’s just a false impression I have for some reason. What do you think? Does this band get enough credit?

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