Song of the Day #3,414: ‘I’ve Just Seen a Face (Unplugged)’ – Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney was the first artist to release an MTV Unplugged appearance as an official album. His 1991 set was heavy on old-school covers with a few Beatles and solo tracks in between.

“I liked the idea that there was a show that reduced music to its bare essentials,” he said, and he took that concept to heart. While previous performers used acoustic instruments plugged into amplifiers, McCartney opted to play his instruments truly unplugged.

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Song of the Day #542: ‘I’ve Just Seen a Face’ – The Beatles

My older daughter, on those morning rides to school, invariably requests ‘I’ve Just Seen a Face,’ the band’s first real foray into country music in their own writing. This is one of my favorite Beatles songs as well.

I remember the first time I heard it… not so much the time or place, which are fuzzy, but the actual experience of hearing it. I remember thinking that the melody was so perfect that I must have heard it before (and I probably had without realizing it). Not to compare Plain White T’s to The Beatles, but I had the same reaction to their ‘Hey There Delilah‘ when I first heard that.

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