Song of the Day #5,183: ‘If I Were a Boy’ – BC Jean

My daughters and I recently watched a YouTube video listing “songs you didn’t know are covers.” I immediately thought that would make a great theme for the blog.

While the video included some songs that everybody knows are covers (Jimi Hendrix’s ‘All Along the Watchtower’ and Nirvana’s ‘The Man Who Sold the World,’ for example), I did find myself quite surprised by much of the list.

I’ll share a selection of those over the next few weeks.

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Song of the Day #654: ‘If I Were a Boy’ – Beyoncé

Once in awhile (for purely artistic reasons) I’ll watch a Beyoncé video or two on YouTube. ‘Single Ladies‘ is definitely a favorite, and ‘Crazy in Love‘ has yet to disappoint.

I’ve made the distinction before between live artists and album artists, citing Rihanna as a fine example of the latter. She isn’t a thrilling live performer but her albums are excellent. The combination of controlled performance, fine songwriting and expert production makes for a great listening experience. I wouldn’t go to a Rihanna concert, but I have her last two albums in my car stereo rotation full-time.

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