Song of the Day #806: ‘Sweet Dreams’ – Beyoncé

I have an unwritten rule for this blog that Beyoncé should make an appearance every couple of months or so. Today’s post marks the fifth appearance this year by Ms. Knowles, which frankly seems a little low.

My mission is complicated by the fact that I don’t actually own any of Beyoncé’s albums and I’m not a big fan of most of her songs. And I’m not looking to embarrass myself (any more than I already have) by gushing about her appeal in areas unrelated to music.

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Song of the Day #654: ‘If I Were a Boy’ – Beyoncé

Once in awhile (for purely artistic reasons) I’ll watch a Beyoncé video or two on YouTube. ‘Single Ladies‘ is definitely a favorite, and ‘Crazy in Love‘ has yet to disappoint.

I’ve made the distinction before between live artists and album artists, citing Rihanna as a fine example of the latter. She isn’t a thrilling live performer but her albums are excellent. The combination of controlled performance, fine songwriting and expert production makes for a great listening experience. I wouldn’t go to a Rihanna concert, but I have her last two albums in my car stereo rotation full-time.

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Song of the Day #498: ‘Single Ladies’ – Beyonce

Taylor, I’m really happy for you, and I’mma let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. Of all time!

Kanye’s asshead move at the VMA’s aside, I have to admit he has a point. ‘Single Ladies’ is indeed a fine video. And song. But mostly video.

There’s a lot to admire in this video but I’ll go the nerd route first and call attention to the cinematography — the way the camera swoops and zooms around the dancers as if its the fourth member of the group. Fabulous lighting and (lack of) art direction as well.

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