Song of the Day #2,120: ‘If I Fell’ – The Beatles

beatles_reallyI enjoyed last week’s desert island song theme so much that I’m extending it for another two weeks.

The five songs featured this week will round out my top ten, and next week’s selections will earn honorable mentions.

This is a strong batch of songs. Any one of these — hell, all of them — could have been in the top five.

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Song of the Day #1,918: ‘If I Fell’ – Melissa Greener

melissa_greenerI was singing my youngest daughter to sleep tonight, treating her to my usual lineup of ‘Blackbird,’ ‘In My Life’ and ‘It’s a Small World,’ when I decided to throw in a special bonus track — The Beatles’ ‘If I Fell.’

This is a song so good that even my tuneless croak made it sound something close to beautiful. Halfway through I decided I had to get it on the blog this week, in some form, knowing I’d already posted the original.

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Song of the Day #1,711: ‘If I Fell’ – Sara Wee

sara_weeI’ve been a bad, bad blogger. It’s been a hectic couple of weeks at work and I have neglected the blog to such an extent that I am currently five hours from my next scheduled Song of the Day post and I have nothing scheduled to run.

That might not seem so bad if you don’t know that I generally write these posts at least one to two weeks in advance. All those Arcade Fire posts… when I wrote them, not only did we not know who the new pope was, I don’t think the old one had even stepped down.

So this is uncomfortable territory for me.

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Song of the Day #423: ‘If I Fell’ – The Beatles

beatlesfellI’m sticking with A Hard Day’s Night for my second tune this Beatles Weekend, highlighting one of my favorite songs on that album, and in the band’s entire catalog — ‘If I Fell.’

This is actually the second time I’ve featured ‘If I Fell’ on this blog. The first was back in April, when I chose Evan Rachel Wood’s version from the film Across the Universe as my 277th Song of the Day. I believe this song joins Ben Folds Five’s ‘Emaline’ (a live version and a cover) as the only songs to appear in two different Song of the Day posts.

I’ll go ahead and link up a third version of the song because I know Amy will if I don’t. 🙂 Here’s American Idol contestant Jason Castro’s version with the added benefit of clips from one of television’s very best shows, Friday Night Lights.

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Song of the Day #277: ‘If I Fell’ – Evan Rachel Wood

evanrachelAcross the Universe is simultaneously one of the most unjustly maligned and disproportionally worshiped movies in recent history. It was largely panned by critics who found it corny, earnest and shallow… and it is the favorite film of hordes of mostly teenage fans who find it the pinnacle of romance.

I find both positions extreme, but if I had to throw my lot in with one of them it would be the romantics. Yes, Across the Universe is corny, earnest and shallow, but it has a vision and a spirit lacking in most studio offerings. And it has the music of The Beatles — two hours of some of the best songs ever written sung by pretty people with pretty voices. What’s not to like?

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