Song of the Day #5,339: ‘Suddenly Seymour’ – Manny Magnus and Jenny Slate

I wonder what the odds were of two of my favorite musical movie moments in 2022 coming from Jenny Slate. Slate is a brilliant comedic and dramatic actress whose work I’ve loved for years but I never knew she had the power to profoundly move me with her singing voice.

Today’s song comes from the movie I liked least among this week’s musical selections, but it may well be the scene I loved most. It appears in the forgettable romantic comedy I Want You Back, which features Slate and Charlie Day as new friends who bond over being dumped and vow to help each other win back their exes.

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Song of the Day #2,086: ‘I Want You Back’ – Lake Street Drive

lake_street_driveLake Street Drive is a Boston jazz/pop band formed in 2004 who came to my attention recently due to their inclusion in the Inside Llewyn Davis tour.

T Bone Burnett hit the road with a group of musicians from the film’s soundtrack as well as a few others (including these guys) whose music has a similar sound or spirit.

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Song of the Day #318: ‘I Want You Back’ – The Jackson 5

jackson5Seeing the old Diana Ross makes me regret the caricature she became, but she’s got nothing on her pal Michael Jackson in that regard. Jackson has lived as a circus freak for so long now that it’s hard to remember the days when he was the biggest star in the world. And it’s even harder to see an early Jackson 5 clip like this one without feeling sad about what would happen to this adorable, mega-talented little boy.

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