Song of the Day #5,362: ‘Linger’ – Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

Concluding the countdown of my favorite 2022 movies…

Best Films of 2022
#1 – Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

Invariably, the movie that ends up at #1 on my year-end list is the one that moved me the most.

Every one of my favorites is well-crafted, featuring excellent writing and direction and memorable performances, but one usually stands out for knocking me on my ass emotionally.

This year, that movie was a partially animated mockumentary based on a series of YouTube shorts about a talking shell.

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Song of the Day #5,339: ‘Suddenly Seymour’ – Manny Magnus and Jenny Slate

I wonder what the odds were of two of my favorite musical movie moments in 2022 coming from Jenny Slate. Slate is a brilliant comedic and dramatic actress whose work I’ve loved for years but I never knew she had the power to profoundly move me with her singing voice.

Today’s song comes from the movie I liked least among this week’s musical selections, but it may well be the scene I loved most. It appears in the forgettable romantic comedy I Want You Back, which features Slate and Charlie Day as new friends who bond over being dumped and vow to help each other win back their exes.

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Song of the Day #5,338: ‘Peaceful Easy Feeling’ – Jenny Slate

It’s not often that a movie uses one of my favorite songs in one of its most emotional scenes, so when it happens you can be damn sure it’s going to end up on this list.

Such was the case in the delightfully funny and bittersweet Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, a feature length movie inspired by a series of YouTube shorts by writer/star Jenny Slate and writer/director Dean Fleischer Camp. This is another movie that will come up again soon so I won’t spend too much time on it here.

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