Song of the Day #3,726: ‘Daddy I’m Fine’ – Sinead O’Connor

When today’s song popped up as my next random selection, I was shocked to discover I hadn’t written about it already. It’s one of my favorite tracks on a really great album by an artist I’ve featured fairly often.

‘Daddy I’m Fine’ appears on Sinead O’Connor’s 2000 album Faith and Courage, her fifth and quite possibly her best. It’s a quick and clever piece of autobiography with half-spoken choruses building to a thrashing chorus.

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Song of the Day #3,225: ‘Fields of Gold’ – Sting vs. Sinead O’Connor

Stepping into the ring for the next Montauk Madness battle are a couple of iconic figures from across the pond. Sting (but not The Police) vs. Sinead O’Connor.

Neither of these artists is a slam dunk favorite of mine, but both have put out music I absolutely adore. And both have trailed off later in their careers, making this more of a nostalgia pick.

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