Song of the Day #4,499: ‘Stay Loose’ – Belle and Sebastian

I’ve agonized over the order of my top three albums of 2003, because each of the albums is wonderful and fully worthy of the top spot. I guess that’s a good problem to have.

Belle and Sebastian’s sixth studio album, Dear Catastrophe Waitress, was a sonic departure from their lo-fi indie output. The band enlisted pop producer Trevor Horn, who gave a bright polish to the music and pushed the band into more upbeat, pop-rock territory.

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Song of the Day #2,177: ‘Piazza, New York Catcher’ – Belle & Sebastian

bellesebasMy desert island countdown continues (see Monday’s post for the full explanation).

Desert Island Musical Artists – Honorable Mention – Belle & Sebastian

The Scottish septet very nearly made my top five but the tough competition edged them out to the unofficial sixth spot.

Eight full-length albums and a couple of dozen B-sides and EP tracks should keep me in twee indie-pop heaven for quite awhile.

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Song of the Day #617: ‘Wrapped Up in Books’ – Belle & Sebastian

I last featured Belle & Sebastian on this blog during a theme week more than a year ago. Actually, that marked the beginning of my regular theme weeks dedicated to single artists or groups. And at the time I restricted myself to five songs regardless of the group’s discography.

As a result, I had to skip over several of the band’s albums, including 2003’s Dear Catastrophe Waitress. I think Belle & Sebastian is ripe for another theme week sometime soon, one that gives each of their albums its proper due. But for now I’ll just highlight one song from this excellent album.

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