Song of the Day #4,432: ‘Sunrise’ – Childish Gambino

I’m a big fan of Donald Glover as an actor, writer and overall entertainer. His work on Community was sublime absurdity, and the auteur’s touch he brings to Atlanta is simply brilliant.

But when it comes to his music, recorded under the name Childish Gambino, I’ve found it harder to enjoy. With the exception of the wonderful ‘Redbone,’ his second and third albums left me pretty cold. I see he released a fourth album this past March that totally missed my radar, so maybe I should give that a listen.

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Song of the Day #3,137: ‘You See Me’ – Childish Gambino

childish_gambino_campDonald Glover is a TV god, as his stint on Community and auteurship of Atlanta make clear.

I find Childish Gambino more of a mixed bag. I adored his first full-length album, Camp, but couldn’t get through his second, Because the Internet. I like what I’ve heard of “Awaken, My Love!” so far and need to check it out in full.

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Song of the Day #1,921: ‘All the Shine’ – Childish Gambino

childish_gambino_campWordPress provides a pretty slick metrics platform considering it’s a free service.

I can tell that between 80-100 people look at my blog every day (and I thought it was just five family members!) and those visitors look at an average of just under two pages per visit. Interestingly, about half of those visits come from countries other than the United States.

I’m not big in Japan, but I’m pretty popular in the UK.

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Song of the Day #1,494: ‘Outside’ – Childish Gambino

Next up in this week’s summer catch-up are some thoughts on the 2012 Emmy nominations.

I’ve chosen a track from Childish Gambino’s 2011 album Camp as my accompaniment because Gambino is the alter ego of actor Donald Glover, an actor on NBC’s Community, one of the shows I believe was wrongly shut out of the major nominations.

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Song of the Day #1,292: ‘Bonfire’ – Childish Gambino

My third featured Childish Gambino song in the past few months earns its spot here thanks to one of the more compelling videos I’ve seen in awhile.

‘Bonfire’ is the hardest song on Childish Gambino’s debut album, Camp, the track most like traditional rap. It features the sort of casual misogyny and boasts about his rapping prowess that have been trademarks of hip-hop albums for decades.

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