Song of the Day #1,921: ‘All the Shine’ – Childish Gambino

childish_gambino_campWordPress provides a pretty slick metrics platform considering it’s a free service.

I can tell that between 80-100 people look at my blog every day (and I thought it was just five family members!) and those visitors look at an average of just under two pages per visit. Interestingly, about half of those visits come from countries other than the United States.

I’m not big in Japan, but I’m pretty popular in the UK.

Each day, my newest Song of the Day entry generally receives just a handful of page views (and I know a couple of those are courtesy of my most regular of regulars, Dana).

The vast majority of my 150-200 daily page views come courtesy of the “long tail” — those 2,000 posts sitting out there waiting to be discovered via Google or searches on this site.

Looking at my posts in order of popularity, it’s an interesting mix that rises to the top.

My most-read post of all time was my review of the Will Smith movie Hancock, which was linked up on a spoiler website for a couple of days shortly after the film’s release. That post has been viewed more than 4,000 times.

Other movie reviews show up high as well, especially Toy Story 3, which cracks the 1,500 mark.

This week I’m going to list the top five songs on my blog that are not by Bob Dylan. Dylan’s songs make up most of the top 20 because I routinely get those posts linked up on the great website, which gathers pretty much every daily mention of The Bard on the web.

Those page views count, certainly, but they’re not surprising. I want to look at the songs that have risen to the top organically.

I obviously can’t repeat the songs I’ve already featured (that would break my one rule for the blog) so I will feature another song by each artist.

Coming in at #5 is ‘Firefly‘ by Childish Bambino That post has been viewed 836 times (so far), and never more than 78 times in a given month.

I’m not sure how people are finding the post, as it doesn’t come up very high on any Google searches I’ve tried, but it keeps marching along almost two years after I first posted it.

[Verse 1]
What the fuck do y’all niggas really want?
I went with realness instead
But all the real niggas I know either crazy or dead
Yeah, I dropped the free EP for these other kids to feel a lot
Niggas keep asking on whether this dude’s for real or not
I’m not trying to come hard, I’m trying to come me
That’s why these older songs that I used to make I’d release free
What’s the point of rap if you can’t be yourself, huh?
That’s why I come first like my cell phone
I’m a role model, I am not these other guys
I rap about my dick and talk about what girls is fly
I know it’s dumb, that’s the fucking reason I’m doing it
So why does everyone have a problem with talking stupid shit?
Or is it real shit?
‘Cause sometimes that stupid shit is real shit
Like when you make out with your best friend’s baby sis
You know the one with short hair you used to babysit?
See, that’s not even right
You with a different girl like each and every fucking night
And kiss her while she’s sleeping and sneak out the front to catch a flight
That’s not life, dude
It’s just making up for fucks I missed in high school
I keep it wrapped until I meet the right one
’Cause I ain’t Mumford, I ain’t tryin’ to have sons
All I wanted was some more like Ashton
I ain’t the coolest but I know I got passion
I got passion!

I really wanna do her right and it doesn’t matter
We’ve got all the shine we need to find
I really wanna do her right and it doesn’t matter
We’ve got all the shine we need to find

“Baby, I’m on the edge.” She said, “Why you gotta act so strange?”
I said, “Baby, I’m on the edge.” She said, “Why you gotta act so strange?”
I said, “Baby, I’m on the edge.” She said, “Why you gotta act so strange?”
I said, “Baby, I’m on edge.” Said, “Why you gotta act so strange?”

[Verse 2]
Am I serious? I don’t even know
Are you hearing this? This shit is laughable
I ain’t trying, I’m doing, these other rappers are foolish
I got fame, my A&R’s a computer
Is there room in the game for a lame who rhymes?
Who wears short-shorts and makes jokes sometimes?
My nigga like, “I’d get you MTV if I could, man
But Pitchfork only likes rappers who crazy or hood, man”
So, I guess we gon’ see
I ain’t Curren$y, but if there ain’t money in my name please murder me
Sometimes I feel like I ain’t supposed to be here
Sometimes I wake up, I don’t want to be here
My mom loved to text me Psalm verses
She don’t look at me like I’m the same person
I used to be the sweet one, but things change
And I don’t want them missing a son like Bon’s last name
And all my uncles alcoholics, shame on me
I drink whiskey till I’m grounded, no TV
I wanna go inside the club with no gold piece
And walk in with No I.D. and no I.D
No matter how far the hood seems
We all still got hood dreams
I always wanted to get picked on the cool team
But alone is exactly how I should be

[Hook x2]

One thought on “Song of the Day #1,921: ‘All the Shine’ – Childish Gambino

  1. Dana says:

    This is a cool threeway sex theme week, as I too am bi-curious as to which fetish entries generate the most anal hits. Fortunately, to your big black dick credit, you don’t use any cheap whore tricks to increase the breast size of your porn views, and neither does your tranny number one cum shot commenter. 😄

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