Lessons from a theme week

teacherSo my goal this week was to single out some artists I’ve heard about but never really heard. I went with two bona fide legends (Tom Waits and Patti Smith), two lesser-known but well-regarded 70s bands (Buzzoccks and Faces) and one contemporary artist who enjoys great critical acclaim (Bjork).

Overall, my takeaway is that I wasn’t missing much. I’m most intrigued by Tom Waits, though his voice remains a stumbling block, and I like the idea of Patti Smith even if her song didn’t completely sell me. Faces seems like a generic 70s rock band. Buzzcocks wrote a great song but their style isn’t up my alley. And Bjork is intriguing but too much of an art-school show-off to really grab me.

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Song of the Day #145: ‘Ever Fallen in Love?’ – Buzzcocks

buzzcocksNow here’s a case of a song I’ve known for years in different forms, but I had no idea it was originally written and performed by Buzzcocks.

I didn’t really know anything at all about Buzzcocks, aside from their name, until looking them up for this blog entry. Turns our they’re one of the very first punk bands and a huge influence on decades of music that followed their mid-70s debut.

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