A new look

WordPress is retiring my old blog theme and they’ve replaced it with the snazzy one you see now. I’m not thrilled about the extra spaces showing up between elements in the main content area and the sidebar, but the new theme does allow for a Facebook LIKE box (over on the right) and some other goodies. I’ll survive.

Lessons from a theme week

teacherSo my goal this week was to single out some artists I’ve heard about but never really heard. I went with two bona fide legends (Tom Waits and Patti Smith), two lesser-known but well-regarded 70s bands (Buzzoccks and Faces) and one contemporary artist who enjoys great critical acclaim (Bjork).

Overall, my takeaway is that I wasn’t missing much. I’m most intrigued by Tom Waits, though his voice remains a stumbling block, and I like the idea of Patti Smith even if her song didn’t completely sell me. Faces seems like a generic 70s rock band. Buzzcocks wrote a great song but their style isn’t up my alley. And Bjork is intriguing but too much of an art-school show-off to really grab me.

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A new beginning

So it’s December and I’m a month away from a blog called Clay’s 2007 Movies being hopelessly out-of-date. My readership — numbering in the ones and spanning the globe from South Florida to Vermont — deserves better.

Initially, I considered starting up a new blog for Clay’s 2008 Movies and continuing that pattern indefinitely. But then I realized that it isn’t just the year in the title that limits the blog — the “movies” part does as well. I have posted on television and music, and I would like to explore those arenas more going forward.

So I hereby launch Meet Me in Montauk, a blog for musings on movies, television and music (as well as anything else I deem worthy). I will continue to blog on every film I see in theaters or on DVD, but I will post more often on the rest.

The title comes from my favorite movie of the past decade (and a candidate for my favorite movie ever): Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I chose it because I needed something quick, I liked the alliteration and because of what it represents in the film — a whispered memory, something that dances in the back of your mind and tries to manifest itself as action. That’s kind of how I’ve felt about my aborted attempts at screenwriting and other creative pursuits, and perhaps this blog can serve as an outlet for those ideas. I look forward to it.