Song of the Day #1,343: ‘Born in Time’ – Bob Dylan

So apparently the little people who live in my iTunes and select the random playlist have a sense of humor.

Just last week, frequent commenter Amy delighted in the selection by the “iPod fairy” of several country tunes during Random Weekends and predicted “I don’t think Bob Dylan is showing up anytime soon!”

I guess the iPod fairy showed her.

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Song of the Day #721: ‘Born in Time’ – Bob Dylan

Under the Red Sky is notable for its extensive use of big-name backing musicians. Dylan had played with his share of notables in the past but the lineup on this album looked sort of like a benefit concert.

Contributors included Jimmie and Stevie Ray Vaughan, Bruce Hornsby, David Crosby, George Harrison, Slash and Elton John. But for all that star power, you’d never guess this wasn’t a typical Dylan backing band. Hornsby and John don’t launch into piano solos that betray their signature sounds… Slash doesn’t start shredding in the middle of ‘Wiggle Wiggle.’ They just play, and they must have had a hell of a time doing it.

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