Song of the Day #3,780: ‘Riptide’ – Vance Joy

I’m not sure why Vance Joy dodn’t come to mind when I wrote about future one-hit wonders a few weeks back. His ‘Riptide’ didn’t make a huge splash in the U.S. (it peaked at #30 on the Hot 100) but it got a lot of airplay and struck the same indie-pop nerve as ‘Somebody That You Used To Know’ and ‘Take Me To Church.’

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Song of the Day #3,778: ‘She Blinded Me With Science (Live)’ – Thomas Dolby

These intimate live shows are often an effective showcase of stripped-down instrumentation and un-processed vocals. A real coffee house vibe; music at its most authentic.

Today’s clip doesn’t do any of that, and it’s all the more fascinating for it. Here, British New Wave artist Thomas Dolby performs his biggest hit, ‘She Blinded Me With Science,’ on a keyboard and sequencer, pressing buttons in perfect rhythm to add the drums and spoken-word interjections.

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Song of the Day #3,777: ‘Angel (Live)’ – Sarah McLachlan

Yesterday’s Edwin McCain post sent me down one of those deliciously evil YouTube rabbit holes that dredged up material for a week’s worth of blog posts.

This week I’ll feature a quintet of live performances at the Bing Lounge, which I guess is where you go to play when the Google Lounge is down.

First up is Sarah McLachlan, with a lovely rendition of her classic sobfest ‘Angel.’

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Song of the Day #3,776: ‘I’ll Be (Live)’ – Edwin McCain

A shout out to Daniel Gallup, an up-and-coming artist recently featured on the blog, for calling my attention to today’s clip.

Here, Edwin McCain talks about his biggest hit, ‘I’ll Be,’ during a live set at the Bing Lounge in 2011. He amusingly wonders why any one-hit wonder would have a negative opinion of the song that brought him fame and fortune.

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