Song of the Day #3,777: ‘Angel (Live)’ – Sarah McLachlan

Yesterday’s Edwin McCain post sent me down one of those deliciously evil YouTube rabbit holes that dredged up material for a week’s worth of blog posts.

This week I’ll feature a quintet of live performances at the Bing Lounge, which I guess is where you go to play when the Google Lounge is down.

First up is Sarah McLachlan, with a lovely rendition of her classic sobfest ‘Angel.’

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Song of the Day #1,884: ‘Angel’ – Sarah McLachlan

sarah_mclachlan_surfacingSarah McLachlan kicked off Random Weekends 19 months (and 597 songs) ago, but she hasn’t shown up since until today. Fountains of Wayne don’t know how good they’ve got it.

This is actually the tenth Sarah McLachlan song to make the blog, though, which is more than I would have guessed for an artist who left my good graces two albums, and ten years, ago.

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