Song of the Day #4,584: ‘Saturdays’ – Twin Shadow feat. HAIM

Another favorite song entry from Madison, ‘Saturdays’ is a 2018 release by Twin Shadow, the stage name of singer-songwriter George Lewis Jr.

This song appeared on the soundtrack of the Netflix film Someone Great as well as on Twin Shadow’s most recent album, Caer. I’m not sure if Madison first heard this in the movie, but if so, it’s yet another favorite song with a tie to a movie. There’s definitely something to that connection.

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Song of the Day #4,389: ‘Gasoline’ – Haim

Closing out this week of quick hits is a track from the new Haim album, Women in Music, Part III. I didn’t even realize the Haim sisters had released a new album until I stumbled across this cut last week.

I’ve since listened to the whole album a few times and I’m loving it. It’s their best work so far. Just check out the sultry groove of today’s SOTD… the whole album has this vibe.

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Song of the Day #4,073: ‘Summer Girl’ – Haim

Haim is back with a breezy song that captures the lazy haze of summer — the appropriately titled ‘Summer Girl.’

The trio of California sisters has teamed up with director Paul Thomas Anderson once again on the video (this is their fourth collaboration with the filmmaker, who has known the ladies since he was a student of their art teacher mother).

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Song of the Day #3,478: ‘Want You Back’ – Haim

Haim’s ‘Want You Back’ is the simplest video of the ten I’m featuring but also one of the most compelling.

The clip features a single shot of the three sisters walking down a completely empty Ventura Boulevard in their hometown Los Angeles at dawn, occasionally pulling off some subtle dance moves but mostly just looking simultaneously goofy and cool.

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