Song of the Day #4,139: ‘Colors’ – Halsey

‘Colors’ is the third single from Halsey’s debut album Badlands, released in 2015. Since then Halsey has become a pretty big deal, releasing nine Top 20 singles, five of which reached the Top 10 and two of which hit #1.

My older daughter has been on the Halsey train since before this album dropped. I’m half a fan through osmosis, though I’ve never really been grabbed enough by her music to listen to either of her albums all the way through.

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Song of the Day #2,640: ‘New Americana’ – Halsey

halsey_badlands[Note: This post was supposed to go live before the one about my 9 year-old’s Belgian DJ discovery]

I’ve always discovered new music through magazines and websites, and occasionally because I’ll hear something out in the world and decide to track it down later.

But as my daughters have gotten older, they’ve increasingly become a source of new musical leads. I can thank my 13-year-old, Sophia, for bringing Lana Del Rey to my attention, for example, and now I’m a bigger fan than her.

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