Song of the Day #5,354: ‘Lucky You’ – The Lightning Seeds

Continuing the countdown of my favorite 2022 movies…

Best Films of 2022
#7 – Aftersun

Writer-director Charlotte Wells’ Aftersun is a movie that leaped in my estimation after a second viewing because the first time through I didn’t know what it was about until the end.

I suppose some could call that a problem with the movie. Or was I just too obtuse during my initial watch to spot the breadcrumbs Wells was sprinkling throughout?

Either way, I’m a firm believer that movies are best appreciated after multiple viewings, and Aftersun is built for return visits.

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Song of the Day #5,340: ‘Under Pressure’ – Queen and David Bowie (Aftersun Version)

[WARNING: This post contains major spoilers for the movie Aftersun. If you plan to see the movie, I recommend doing so before reading this.]

As with several of the movies I’ve featured this week, I will be writing more about this one when I get to my top ten list, so I won’t go into too much detail here. But given that the scene in question comes in the film’s very final moments, it’s difficult to share it without exploring the movie’s plot and themes.

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