Song of the Day #5,436: ‘You’re My Best Friend’ – Queen

Continuing my look at the albums of 1975…

Sometimes a band just isn’t for me. Despite critical acclaim and fan worship, I simply can’t get on board. Exhibit A: Queen.

I certainly appreciate the British rock band’s innovation, and its influence on other bands and popular music in general. I’m just not a big fan of the music.

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Song of the Day #5,340: ‘Under Pressure’ – Queen and David Bowie (Aftersun Version)

[WARNING: This post contains major spoilers for the movie Aftersun. If you plan to see the movie, I recommend doing so before reading this.]

As with several of the movies I’ve featured this week, I will be writing more about this one when I get to my top ten list, so I won’t go into too much detail here. But given that the scene in question comes in the film’s very final moments, it’s difficult to share it without exploring the movie’s plot and themes.

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Song of the Day #2,387: ‘Queen’ – Perfume Genius

perfume_geniusAs we move into the second ten songs on the Village Voice Pazz & Jop poll, I find a lot less overlap with last year’s blog entries. Only two tracks made it to Meet Me In Montauk. Indeed, I’d barely heard of any of these songs before seeing the poll.

Let’s see what new discoveries I have in store.

At #12 is ‘Queen’ by Perfume Genius, described as the year’s best gay anthem by

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