Song of the Day #423: ‘If I Fell’ – The Beatles

beatlesfellI’m sticking with A Hard Day’s Night for my second tune this Beatles Weekend, highlighting one of my favorite songs on that album, and in the band’s entire catalog — ‘If I Fell.’

This is actually the second time I’ve featured ‘If I Fell’ on this blog. The first was back in April, when I chose Evan Rachel Wood’s version from the film Across the Universe as my 277th Song of the Day. I believe this song joins Ben Folds Five’s ‘Emaline’ (a live version and a cover) as the only songs to appear in two different Song of the Day posts.

I’ll go ahead and link up a third version of the song because I know Amy will if I don’t. 🙂 Here’s American Idol contestant Jason Castro’s version with the added benefit of clips from one of television’s very best shows, Friday Night Lights.

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Song of the Day #422: ‘I Should Have Known Better’ – The Beatles

beat_poolThere’s a pretty clear divide between The Beatles early, poppy stuff and their later more experimental music. Rubber Soul is where that split started to happen, and Revolver saw the transformation completed. Those are two of my favorite Beatles albums (I imagine they’re two of everybody’s). They showed the world that this wasn’t just a pop band but a serious artistic force.

Still, when I rank all of the band’s albums in order, it’s inevitably A Hard Day’s Night — one of those early, uncomplicated albums — that rises to the top. It lacks the ahead-of-its-time production techniques of later albums, the mind-bending lyrics, the complex song construction, but it makes up for all that in unparalleled pop songcraft.

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Song of the Day #104: ‘I’ll Be Back’ – The Beatles

Most discussions of The Beatles’ best albums seem to center around Rubber Soul, Revolver and Abbey Road. And I have no argument with that, as they are all incredible, classic albums.

But my personal favorite may well be A Hard Day’s Night. Released as the soundtrack of the film of the same name, itself a classic, this album contains thirteen stellar songs, including such immortals as the title track, ‘If I Fell,’ ‘I Should Have Known Better,’ ‘And I Love Her,’ ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ and ‘Things We Said Today.’ I’ll stop there rather than just post the whole tracklist.

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