Song of the Day #5,140: ‘Used’ – Ashley Monroe

This is the second Random Weekend song this month from Ashley Monroe’s 2009 debut solo album, Satisfied. The first was ‘Let Me Down Again,’ featured here on July 3.

Today’s track, ‘Used,’ was familiar to me, even though I’m not very familiar with Satisfied. A YouTube search cleared things up, when the first clip of the song came from Like a Rose, Monroe’s 2013 sophomore album. That’s an album I have listened to quite a bit.

Comparing the two versions, the difference in production and instrumentation is clear, with this version hewing much more to traditional country and the later version with more of an adult contemporary feel.

Used like an old piano played for generations slowly fading out of tune
Used like the soles on the bottom of my favorite pair of dancing shoes
I know I’m not some bright and shiny polished up car that’s sparkling new
Right off the sales room floor
Yeah I’ve got some dents and bruises
I’ve been dropped and there’s a scar where my heart was broke before
But in the end, I’ll be worth a whole lot more

Used like a book read so many times front to back, it starts to split in two
Used like a house where a family lived until they died and there’s a soul in every room
I know I’m not some brand new dress, hangin’ there perfectly pressed
That never has been worn
I’ve got some buttons missing and there’s a couple stains
In places where the fabric has been torn
But in the end, I’ll be worth a whole lot more

This fragile heart’s been passed around
Been ignored and been let down
Been learning since the day that I was born
But everything that it’s been through has led me down this road to you
And I can give like I couldn’t give before
In the end, I can love a whole lot more

One thought on “Song of the Day #5,140: ‘Used’ – Ashley Monroe

  1. Dana Gallup says:

    Both versions have a country style, but, not surprisingly, I like the one with a more adult contemporary sound.

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