Song of the Day #5,112: ‘Let Me Down Again’ – Ashley Monroe

Here’s a song from Satisfied, the 2009 debut solo album by my second favorite Pistol Annie, Ashley Monroe.

I first discovered Monroe through her involvement in the Annies, a trio that also includes Angaleena Presley and my beloved Miranda Lambert. I picked up Monroe’s second and third albums, both excellent, before looping back around to this one.

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Song of the Day #5,014: ‘Satisfied’ – Liz Phair

Liz Phair’s 2010 album Funstyle was self-released by the artist after she left Capitol Records. The album followed a couple of poorly-received stabs at a more commercial sound and signaled her increasing dissatisfaction with the direction of her career.

Funstyle fared a bit better, critically, but just a bit. It also seemed for awhile like the last thing Phair would release, until she returned 11 years later with the well-reviewed Soberish.

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Song of the Day #3,572: ‘He Ain’t Coming Back’ – Ashley Monroe

I love when Random iTunes Weekends tip me off to new music. Ashley Monroe, for example, has a new album due out five days from now and I might not have learned that had she not popped up today.

Monroe hit my radar as one of the three Pistol Annies, then won me over as a solo artist with her 2013 album Like a Rose. Its follow-up, 2015’s The Blade, was an even stronger record, making my expectations sky high for the upcoming Sparrow.

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