Song of the Day #4,602: ‘Backsliding Fearlessly’ – Mott the Hoople

Ordinarily, by now I’d be posting my favorite movies of the year and writing about Oscar predictions. But 2020 was no ordinary year, for movies or anything else.

The Oscars were pushed back to April, and as a result plenty of “2020” films have yet to be released anywhere I can see them. So my official list will have to wait awhile.

In the meantime, I’ll spend this week writing about a few different aspects of my moviegoing in 2020.

“Moviegoing” is the wrong word, because I spent a lot more time staying in than going anywhere. I watched a total of six movies in theaters last year, which must be my lowest annual total since I was in diapers.

Those movies were 1917, Bad Boys For Life, Birds of Prey, The Invisible Man, Onward, and The Way Back. The Way Back has the honor of being the last film I saw in a movie theater, and a song from that movie is today’s SOTD.

My wife and I saw The Way Back on March 7, as part of an anniversary weekend that also included a live concert by the wonderful Brandi Carlile. Carlile referenced the virus, and acknowledged that concerts might not be a thing for much longer. 444 cases had been confirmed in the United States.

While I didn’t get to theaters much, that didn’t stop me from seeing a whole lot of movies. In fact, I might have set a personal record.

I watched 265 movies in 2020 (including repeat viewings), just shy of doubling the 135 I saw in 2019.

Quarantine kept my daughter home for her freshman year of college, and it meant a resurgence of our weekly family movie nights (which stepped up to multiple times per week when school was out).

And I took advantage of the extra time to do deep dives into movie musicals and the films of Pixar and the Coen Brothers.

I’d call that finding the lemonade in the corona-lemon.

I sure hope at this time next year I’ll be writing about a traditional top ten list, most of which I saw in an actual movie theater with a tub of popcorn in hand. It might take a little while to get there, but I’m optimistic.

I dreamt of being horses in shackles of gold
And the men that were young then are now terribly old
The graveyard was creaking with too many bones
While the bishop was praying his cassock was sold
Three cheers for the innocent though he is perverse
Three screams for the hangman as he cries for the hearse
I weep for the rebels conventional ways
For he loses his mind while the devious stay
By the way
If the world saluted you
Well what would you do if you could be there
Well would you still take me
Would you take me anywhere
If the world saluted you
Well what would you say when things were down
Would you still want me
Would you want me around

So come all ye faithful and slaughter your lambs
Your minds have been whipped by experienced hands
I wish we were children I’d welcome the change
And the mind of an old man you can’t rearrange
Ain’t it strange
If the world saluted you
Well what would you do if you could be there
Would you still
Would you still take me anywhere
If the world saluted you
What would you say when things were down
Would you still want me
Would you still want me around

3 thoughts on “Song of the Day #4,602: ‘Backsliding Fearlessly’ – Mott the Hoople

  1. Dana Gallup says:

    I believe “The Way Back” was the last movie we saw also before Covid turned theaters dark. However, we did see a few others such as “WW 84” when theaters reopened. Still, there is nothing great about having to wear a mask during a movie, even if sparsely worn between bites of raisinettes and sips of coke. I hope that we can return to theaters as normal by summer, though I suspect the mask requirement will be with us until the end of the year, if not longer.

  2. Amy says:

    We, too, made lemonade by having lots of movie nights, and, especially, binging series such as Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Yellowstone, and The Crown, that we had never gotten around to viewing when they first aired, as well as falling in love with new gems like Ted Lasso. Those series, more than any – or ALL – of the films we watched, will be the entertainment I remember from 2020.

  3. Peg says:

    Think the last movie we saw was The Assistant and you all know how that went 👎 I have also seen many good movies and some great TV (Schitt’s Creek) for example during this time. I am looking forward to being back in the theater again as well.

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