Song of the Day #4,543: ‘Can’t Do Much’ – Waxahatchee

Of the three New York Times music critics, Lindsay Zoladz’s list definitely appeals to me the most. In addition to the inclusion of Haim, Fiona Apple, Taylor Swift and Phoebe Bridgers, she gave her #3 slot to an artist I’m thrilled to have discovered, Waxahatchee.

Waxahatchee is the brainchild of singer-songwriter Katie Crutchfield, a native of Alabama who named her one-woman band after Waxahatchee Creek in her hometown. She released her fifth album, Saint Cloud, in March.

This soul-soothing collection of country rock reminded me instantly of early Lucinda Williams. And sure enough, some internet research revealed that Crutchfield published an essay about Williams’ Car Wheels on a Gravel Road, which she called her all-time favorite album, for that great record’s 20th anniversary. She also interviewed Williams earlier this year.

Suffice it say she’s a fan, and that influence shows in her work in the best way.

Crutchfield’s Alabama twang adds a gritty authenticity to these songs, which were mostly written after (and in some cases, about) her alcoholism and struggle to get sober.

Don’t let the serious subject matter fool you, though. This is not a tough listen at all. On the contrary, it’s a comforting one.

[Verse 1]
We will coalesce our heaven and hell
My eyes roll around like dice on the felt
My mind turns to something useless and trite
My uneasiness, materialized

I want you
All the time

[Verse 2]
When you’re missing me, oh, what do you see?
Something wild that you think you’ll never be?
Something safe that you could tend to and leave?
Something versatile to fill all your needs?

I give it to you all on a dime
I love you ’til the day I—
Love you ’til the day I—
Love you ’til the day I—
Love you ’til the day I die
I guess it don’t matter why

[Verse 3]
In my loneliness, I’m locked in a room
When you see me, I’m honey on a spoon
Do you think that you were reading my mind?
My uneasiness materialized

I’m waiting
All the time

I hold my breath, I don’t make a sound
I love you that much any—
Love you that much any—
Love you that much any—
Love you that much anyhow
Can’t do much about it now

I want you
All the time
I want you

One thought on “Song of the Day #4,543: ‘Can’t Do Much’ – Waxahatchee

  1. Dana Gallup says:

    I wonder if the Times critics will be adjusting their lists for the new Taylor Swift album that dropped last night.

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