Song of the Day #4,097: ‘Hiroshima (Japanese Version)’ – Ben Folds

Ben Folds wrote a song called ‘Hiroshima’ for his 2008 album Way To Normal. The lyrics describe a time he was performing in Japan and fell off the stage, suffering a semi-serious head injury. He continued playing as blood poured down his face.

Apparently he later returned to Japan and performed that song in Japanese, which is the version presented here. It appeared on an alternate version of Way To Normal called Stems and Seeds, which included different mixes of the original album’s tracks plus other odds and ends.

This Random Weekend selection is a good reminder that Folds is way overdue for another solo album. Since this 2008 release, he recorded an excellent collaboration with Nick Hornby (Hornby’s words, Folds’ music) in 2010, a Ben Folds Five reunion album in 2012 and a chamber pop album with the yMusic ensemble in 2015.

That is not a lot of output for a songwriter this good. I really hope he hasn’t grown bored of popular music in favor of orchestral work, which seems to be occupying his time of late. I admire the ambition, but I want some new songs!

One thought on “Song of the Day #4,097: ‘Hiroshima (Japanese Version)’ – Ben Folds

  1. Dana Gallup says:

    I agree a Folds album is overdue, and I’m hoping it’s not in Japanese.😊

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