Song of the Day #4,057: ‘He’s So Fine’ – The Chiffons

The most famous case of musical copyright infringement is likely George Harrison’s lifting the melody of The Chiffon’s 1963 track ‘He’s So Fine’ for his biggest hit, 1970’s ‘My Sweet Lord.’

‘He’s So Fine’ was a major hit in its day, one Harrison admitted to knowing though he denied copying it on purpose. After a lengthy period of litigation, a judge declared “it is clear that ‘My Sweet Lord’ is the very same song as ‘He’s So Fine’ with different words” and found Harrison liable even if the theft was “subconsciously accomplished.”

That wasn’t the end of the legal mess, however. Harrison’s former manager, Allen Klein, had initially tried to purchase the rights to ‘He’s So Fine’ on Harrison’s behalf, but the two later severed their relationship in ugly fashion. Klein continued to pursue the song’s rights, now viewing Harrison as an adversary, and was found guilty of using inside information about ‘My Sweet Lord’ to support the case for copyright infringement.

Harrison’s $1.6 million in damages was knocked down to $587,000 and the rights to ‘He’s So Fine’ were transferred to him. The case wasn’t ultimately settled until 1998, 27 years after the initial lawsuit was filed.

Back in the 70s, in the midst of all this legal drama, The Chiffons delivered an expert bit of trolling by recording their own version of ‘My Sweet Lord,’ into which they dropped a few “He’s so fines” to make a point.

He’s so fine
Wish he were mine
That handsome boy over there
The one with the wavy hair

I don’t know how i’m gonna do it
But I’m gonna make him mine
Be the envy of all the girls
It’s just a matter of time

He’s a soft-spoken guy
Also seems kind of shy
Makes me wonder if I
Should even give him a try

But then again he can’t shy
He can’t shy away forever
And I’m gonna make him mine
If it takes me forever

He’s so fine
Gotta be mine
Sooner or later
I hope it’s not later
We’ve got to get together
The sooner the better
I just can’t wait
I just can’t wait
To be held in his arms

If I were a queen
And he asked me to leave my throne
I’d do anything that he asked
Anything to make him my own

For he’s so fine
So fine
So fine

One thought on “Song of the Day #4,057: ‘He’s So Fine’ – The Chiffons

  1. Dana Gallup says:

    Yeah, unlike yesterday’s miscarriage of justice, this one was decided correctly.

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