Song of the Day #3,563: ‘The Mother’ – Brandi Carlile

Alongside Jason Isbell, the other great find of my young streaming era is Brandi Carlile. I haven’t (yet) dived into her back catalog, but the folk rocker’s newest album, By the Way, I Forgive You is a winner.

The 36-year-old Carlile hails from Washington state and has enjoyed modest success releasing six studio albums since 2005. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of her; in fact, when I read about this new release, I alternately confused her with Brandy Clark and Belinda Carlisle.

She’s closer to the former than the latter, with a strain of country and Americana running through her folk rock compositions. Plus she has a gritty, emotive voice that pushes her into soul territory.

Today’s SOTD is a lovely addition to the genre of songs celebrating parenthood (specifically, being the parent of a girl). I’d love to add this to a playlist alongside Ben Folds’ ‘Gracie,’ Stew’s ‘The Sun I Always Wanted‘ and Paul Simon’s ‘Father and Daughter.’

[Verse 1]
Welcome to the end of being alone inside your mind
You’re tethered to another and you’re worried all the time
You always know the melody but you never heard it rhyme
She’s fair and she is quiet, Lord, she doesn’t look like me
She made me love the morning, she’s a holiday at sea
The New York streets are as busy as they always used to be
But I am the mother of Evangeline

[Verse 2]
The first things that she took from me were selfishness and sleep
She broke a thousand heirlooms I was never meant to keep
She filled my life with color, canceled plans, and trashed my car
But none of that was ever who we are
Outside of my windows are the mountains and the snow
I hold you while you’re sleeping and I wish that I could go
All my rowdy friends are out accomplishing their dreams
But I am the mother of Evangeline

And they’ve still got their morning paper and their coffee and their time
And they still enjoy their evenings with the skeptics and the wine
Oh, but all the wonders I have seen, I will see a second time
From inside of the ages through your eyes

[Verse 3]
You are not an accident where no one thought it through
The world has stood against us, made us mean to fight for you
And when we chose your name we knew that you’d fight the power too
You’re nothing short of magical and beautiful to me
Oh, I’ll never hit the big time without you
So they can keep their treasure and their ties to the machine
‘Cause I am the mother of Evangeline

They can keep their treasure and their ties to the machine
‘Cause I am the mother of Evangeline
Ooh, ooh

2 thoughts on “Song of the Day #3,563: ‘The Mother’ – Brandi Carlile

  1. Dana Gallup says:

    I had never heard of Brandi Carlile either, but she was interviewed by Howard Stern this week and I was immediately drawn in to her story and music. On the show, she described covering CSN’s “Helplessly Hopeless” and how at one particular concert, she performed it while Stephen Stills was in the audience standing and staring at her. He came backstage after to tell her she did a great job. Here is a clip of the interview and the song:
    This is definitely someone I want to hear more of. I love her sound.

  2. Peg says:

    Wonderful song and sound

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